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The term “masonry” refers to construction with stone. Masonry may be used to describe an entire building or a carved stone feature such as a headstone or bench. Someone who practices the art of masonry is called a stonemason or mason.

When referring to a building, masonry describes the stonework which is incorporated into the building. Many old buildings were built exclusively from stone, since it was a readily available construction material. Although stones can simply be piled on one another and anchored, most masonry is decorated with carvings to make it attractive as well as functional.

Masonry incorporates several aspects of engineering and physics, as stones must be carefully assembled to make a safe and solid building or structure. Many ancient stone buildings demonstrate incredible feats of architectural engineering, with vaulted arches and beautifully decorated doorways, alcoves, and niches. Since stone is so heavy, correct position and design is critical, as imbalance can cause a whole structure to fail.

Carving in stone is very challenging because stone is such a hard and brittle material. Masons must cautiously inspect each piece of stone that they work with, to ensure that it is suitable for their needs. The next time you walk past a building with stone carving, take a close look and imagine using a hammer and chisel to carefully create the carving from stone.

Masons typically train through apprenticeship with trained professional masons. The art is best learned through practice, with mentors showing apprentices how to use basic tools of the trade and how to evaluate rock for usefulness. It is common for masons in training to experience immense frustration, as their errors may represent major setbacks in a project or a piece of art. However, those who persist are rewarded for their labors with abundant jobs and very grateful customers.

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