Petra House Fireplace

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The guys are cutting and laying out the stones for the inside of the fireplace facade. Here is the beginning of the inside work being installed. here is the outside of the chimney of the same fireplace seen above.            

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Lon’s Lakeside House

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We are winding up at Lons. The landscaping is almost finished. We cut perfect circles out of square bluestone to make a stepping stone path.  We cut the first stone into the patio to make a transition to the walkway. The stepping stones lead to the round patio, which is squared and rectangular bluestone. The […]


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We  made a smaller grill down from our outdoor kitchen for John and JoAnn Herzfeld at their shorefront on Lovejoy pond.  This grill is a little over 3’x4′, with a cast iron grate cooking surface of 20″x30″. We made two grate settings, one for charcoal and one for wood.  We finished this with a jack […]

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The creative process varies with the application.  We frequently get prints and have to interpert them and then negotiate the implementation of someone vision and come up with a reasonable approach.  For our bathroom floor we looked at what we had on hand and what we had to do.  Our up stairs bathroom has been […]