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We started a new project at Lon’s house. Our tasks: to design and construct a stone mural for Lon’s entry to his house on the lake. For this, we required the craftsmanship of Jane Burke, a local artist. This was a long, laborious process requiring many steps, but the end result shows just how intricate and varied stonework can be.

The design was a classic landscape, depicting clouds above a lake dotted with islands.

First,we took picture, Jane made drawings and then Jane transferred them to the template.   Jane made a big template (11′ x 4′) of our design using wallpaper turned over, an ideal material for the project because it is heavier and won’t disintegrate as easily when wet.


Afterward, she transferred the design onto tracing paper. After cutting out the tracing paper, we then traced the design onto slate and began cutting out pieces for the design.


Jane cutting slate


Richard working with the template and then cutting slate using a grinder and a small diamond blade.


Once all the slate was cut, we brought the pieces to Lon’s house to install in his entry.

In the end, the pattern is striking and clear.


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