Mechanics Building in Rockland

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The mechanics building houses The Second Read, The Black Parrot, numerous offices and apartments


We did a large restoration project at the Second Read, Black Parrot building in Rockland.

Through the usual circumstances, it did not start until the first of December 2006. We had Seacoast Staging erect a 60 foot by 55 foot tower, which they enclosed in heavy poly tarps. The first task we completed was to remove some of the terra cotta tile. We shipped it to Boston Architectural Tile in Adiarondack, NY. the tile was destroyed when the building became part of a hardware franchise and was hammered off to install steel clading to match all of the other hardware stores in the chain. Boston architectural made new molds, cast and fired new molding. It took 12 weeks. The staging rental to leave it their for that time was $27,000. It allowed us to easily install the new tiles(well, not easy, but efficiently.)

We ground out the mortar joints and repointed the main street brick.



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