Funeral Urns

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My father in law died recently and we struggled to find a urn for him.  we did not want one that came off an assembly line in China. He was not a polished man, but someone a little rough around the edges, he loved hiking and travel, he wrote books and painted.  He loved being outdoors.  We puzzled over what to do and consequently did nothing.

My good buddy’s wife’s father died and they came in and asked if we could make them several urns.  I was honored and we set about designing something hand made and unpolished.  We started with old cobblestone that were hand made a hundred years ago.  I chose four that were similar in size and all were smaller at the top than the bottom.  We cut the bottom smooth, found the square line to cut the top, and then core drilled them.

Urns are sold by size, large is 200 cubic inches, medium 100 CI, small 25- 35 CI.  Small urns are generally used for mantles or other home display.  We choose small because we scatter most of Bill Wagley’s ashes in Owls Head, where he loved to hike and spend time with his friends.

Robert, our artist in residence produces our urns.  He finds rocks that display great character and shape.  My favorites are the oval rocks that mimic the classic vase shape.  All of our urns are unique and one of a kind.  They are made with attention to detail and skill, deliberate and with good intentions, not bumped out in mass production.  They will honor a love one in a meaningful way.

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