Cheryl’s Steps and Patio

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We constructed this patio, retaining walls, steps and landing at Cheryl’s beautiful setting on wonderful Wilson Pond.


We started by digging out the base, by hand, much to Richard’s chagrin. Richard is a skilled equipment operator, but the slope was too great. He and Celeste quickly and efficiently wheelbarrowed 3 or 4 yards of loam and fill to where Cheryl directed them. I am assuming that a wheelbarrow can become a verb, but you get the point, they moved a lot of dirt by hand.


Next, crushed rock was installed for drainage, and then filter fabric, to hold the fines from rinsing through. Stonedust, graded and compacted, completes the base. They skillfully set the large irregular flaggers, creating a tight flowing pattern. Two retaining walls were necessary ro hold the sides. They started on the covered crushed rock base with the largest stones. Then, progressively smaller rocks, keeping the same width as the base by building in layers. A large irregular flagstone became the step into the house. The steps up to the driveway started off the patio, one step becoming the launching point for the next. They set the first step in crushed rock, leveled it and then dug out the next. With large natural steps from Forgotten Stoneworks, the steps looked like they had always been there.


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  1. ken says:

    This design and rock formation look fantastic! An excellent job that enhances the front of this cottage on the lake. Splendid job.

  2. billie ponzetti says:

    Hi, the stone work on Cheryl’s path to her cottage on a pond in Maine is beautifully done and so fitting the given landscape…! I live in OOB and will keep your website for future personal reference…..

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