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Readfield Church

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We are doing a historic repointing job in Readfield, at St Andrews Church.  This is a relatively new addition that appears to have been acid washed incorrectly.    We low pressure washed the bricks to wash all the loose sand and dirt. Then we neutralized the imbedded acid with a amonia solution. This revealed a deep joint which does […]

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Stone Repoint

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   We are doing a historic renovation at 95 Main St,;Orono for Rick Pare.  We met with Dan Johnson from Maine Historic Preservation to detirmine the right mix to match up to.  It had three different mortars from multiple repoints.  We took the oldest mortar.This is truely a rubble stone mix between cast quoins. Unfortunately Ruble […]

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Whats new

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We find great pieces of granite in our travels, like this 8′ x 9′ triangle.   this was in the basement of a house that burned in Hallowell.   It is flat and true, with great straight lines.We flared these steps, from 5′ to 4′.We completed this 7 circuit cretean labyrinth at the Forgotten stoneworks.We built steps […]

Maine Granite

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Maine Granite New and Reclaimed. Many of the projects we have completed in the last several years involve Native Maine Granite. We acquired these 14 foot Maine granite steps when we bought a fallen in foundation.  They are not your typical foundation granite, but trued, flat, and undercut for consistent rise.  They have a lovely […]


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We won the bid to fix the Kennebec County Probate courthouse steps, 14 feet long, a foot wide and  inches plus thick.  A delicate job where without careful removal, we could have broken, chipped, split these incredible steps.  It takes a careful approach with the excavator and a constantly changing plan. 

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Mechanics Building in Rockland

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The mechanics building houses The Second Read, The Black Parrot, numerous offices and apartments We did a large restoration project at the Second Read, Black Parrot building in Rockland. Through the usual circumstances, it did not start until the first of December 2006. We had Seacoast Staging erect a 60 foot by 55 foot tower, […]

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Thermotech Masonry

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We do all sorts of work from fireplaces, chimneys, walls, walkways, exterior and interior veneers and blockwork, both glass and cement. We also do specialty work, one of a kind mosaics for your entry, wall, patio floor, even fountain areas. We also carry: sand, stone dust, pea stone, crushed rock, ¾” and a mix of […]