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Funeral Urns

Posted by on June 3, 2011 with 0 Comments

My father in law died recently and we struggled to find a urn for him.  we did not want one that came off an assembly line in China. He was not a polished man, but someone a little rough around the edges, he loved hiking and travel, he wrote books and painted.  He loved being […]

Big Job on “Beautiful Island”…

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This summer we have began a very large project on an un-named “Beautiful Island” off of the coast of Maine. We are building 10 fireplaces in 4 chimneys and all the fireboxes have herringbone firebrick. We used high duty soaps (split firebrick). Many of the second floor fireplaces are off set so we pour bridge […]

Custom Granite Cremation Urns

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Our experienced professional craftsmen create granite cremation urns are that are decorative, durable and beautiful. These  Garden Granite Cremation Urns are made from natural quarried granite. This piece will stand as a lasting tribute to your loved one for generations.

Lon’s Lakeside House

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We are winding up at Lons. The landscaping is almost finished. We cut perfect circles out of square bluestone to make a stepping stone path.  We cut the first stone into the patio to make a transition to the walkway. The stepping stones lead to the round patio, which is squared and rectangular bluestone. The […]

Whats new

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We find great pieces of granite in our travels, like this 8′ x 9′ triangle.   this was in the basement of a house that burned in Hallowell.   It is flat and true, with great straight lines.We flared these steps, from 5′ to 4′.We completed this 7 circuit cretean labyrinth at the Forgotten stoneworks.We built steps […]

Maine Granite

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Maine Granite New and Reclaimed. Many of the projects we have completed in the last several years involve Native Maine Granite. We acquired these 14 foot Maine granite steps when we bought a fallen in foundation.  They are not your typical foundation granite, but trued, flat, and undercut for consistent rise.  They have a lovely […]